Internal Marketing

An internal marketing program is an excellent opportunity to stimulate new patient growth, create excitement with your current patient base and spur the continued growth of your clinic. By providing an internal marketing program it gives your patients continued educational experiences about their health, connects them to the community, shows how much you value them, and gives them a platform for referring new patients. A patient referral creates a best new patient through their own personal testimony and experience.

Patient referrals are more likely to come to their appointment and receive care then from any other marketing source. What is the right internal marketing plan for your clinic? Do you have the time and resources to create your own plan? Have you attempted to implement an internal marketing plan and it failed?

Our program may include:

-Daily Reflections brining inspiring messages from you to your patients

-Weekly educational materials on different health and wellness topics

-Monthly Health workshops related to current Health awareness months

-Quarterly Appreciation Days

-Quarterly Patient Education Dinners