External Marketing

It is exciting to have a marketing force bringing a new awareness to you and your clinic out in the community. It provides a flow of potential new patients into the clinic to learn more about you and the services you can provide. Whether creating appointments or simply giving out information in the community having an external marketing force is the fastest way to start the flow of new potential patients.

Creating a foundation to support your branding initiatives and you as a leader as a health care provider our marketing efforts build solid relationships in the community with the main focus on branding your clinic name and reputation for providing outstanding services. These relationships can include other health care providers, local gyms, health related retailers, your local governments, park districts, schools, charities, businesses, and sports organizations.

These relationships mean we have the opportunity to impact the whole community and truly set you apart from your competitors. Is external marketing right for your clinic? Do you have the time and resources to implement your own external marketing plan? Have you attempted an external marketing plan and it just took too much to away from your patients?

Our program may included:

1.) On site screenings

2.) Work shops

3.) Lunch and learns

4.) Health Fairs

Where people are you are there!