About Us

The pursuit of maintaining and growing a business has become increasingly complex, requiring a strategic disciplined approach in planning and organizational leadership growth.

Have you asked yourself I thought they were self motivated? I feel like I have to babysit everyone? Do I really have to do this, it should just be? Why can’t they not be more like me and just get it done? I am not sure they are truly dedicated to our goals? Why can we not increase our effectiveness and performance levels they are getting paid well?

Organizational leadership has traditionally been seen as a skill of each individual yet leadership development remains to be needed for the organization and requires growth catering to individuals and their responsibilities.

CPR has developed a program with activities that will attract new members and retain existing ones on all levels of the organizational needs while enhancing the performance of individuals and encourage growth through creatively and innovative ideas.

The founders of CPR are dedicated to the growth and development of your organization with proven processes around operations, training, customer satisfaction, employee ownership mentality, as well as personal growth and accountability.

This brings peace of mind with a fresh breathe approach. Through coaching – consulting, CPR takes a new look at old ideals to create solutions identifying opportunities to optimize revenue generating resources to support business partners initiatives.

Encourages self motivation discipline with a services orientated ownership mindset. An evaluation, education, and training process is implemented to support our business partners and the communities in which they serve.